Cooking with Passion!

The next cooking class will be held on Sunday, 26th July.

Cooking Classes are held at Villa Amore, Fullarton.
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(you'll find the course under 'Food & Wine')

Gourmet Pizza Course

  1. Learning About The Oven
  2. Lighting The Fire
  3. Know When Your Oven Is Ready To Cook (soaking heat)
  4. How To Make Pizza Dough
  5. Preparing Your Sauce And Ingredients
  6. Making Your Own Pizza
  7. Cooking In The Wood Oven
  8. Taking Home Your Creation

You'll learn to make a delicious gourmet Margarita pizza: vine ripened tomatoes with Italian herbs and fresh basil.

Please contact me if you'd like more information about Amore Woodfired Ovens Cooking Classes.