DIY Oven Kits

The Amore DIY Oven Kit comes with everything you need to start constructing your very own Amore Woodfired Oven at home. The Amore DIY Woodfired Oven Kit comes as a standard package with:

  • Refractory easy to assemble modular systems
  • Refractory fired floor tiles
  • Refractory cement for kit assembly
  • Thermal blanket
  • Steel door
  • 900mm stainless steel flu and hat
  • CD step by step assembly procedure

The Amore DIY Woodfired Oven Kit is available in two sizes (internal dimensions):

  • 850mm X 1020mm
  • 1000mm X 1150mm

Display ovens can be viewed by appointment at Villa Amore, Fullarton.

For pricing, further information or to make an appointment to view the display ovens, please contact Paris.

Assembly for oven and base price estimate is $5000 including materials. Base, rendered besser block and solid concrete top. Free quote, no obligation, metro Adelaide. Tailgate delivery available, priced on destination.


Step by Step Construction

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4 5 6
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10 10 10