DIY Woodfired Oven Kits

Build Your Own Woodfired Oven

DIY Woodfired OvenThe Amore DIY Woodfired Oven Kit is the ideal kit for constructing your very own Amore Woodfired Oven and impressing your friends and family.

The Amore DIY Woodfired Oven Kit is available in two sizes (internal dimensions):

  • 850mm X 1020mm
  • 1000mm X 1150mm

Both kits are made in WA and include:

  • Four piece pre cast refractory oven kit
  • Floor fire split bricks, no cutting required
  • Best quality top insulating blanket
  • Insulating underfloor blanket
  • Stainless steel flue and cap 
  • Steel door 
  • Refractory cement, chicken wire, alfoil
  • Website video showing assembly and render
  • Full instructions,user guide and tips
  • Front template for easy rendering
  • Fire rake and hearth brush included!
  • Stainless steel options available, see below
  • Bring a trailer and take one away! Please call first.

Please contact Paris for pricing on our DIY Woofired Oven Kits or further information.


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